Choosing Between Purchased and Custom WordPress Theme

  Nik Oliva

So you’re launching your ecommerce site with WordPress. Most WordPress users do not understand the difference between the customization of an existing WordPress theme and the creation of a custom WordPress theme design. Clearly, as an online businessperson, design and functionality are at the forefront of your mind. You are additionally centered around running your business and not on the language of WordPress design. On the off chance that you need a WordPress website that includes pages, a blog, pictures and perhaps a small ecommerce store there are two options. The primary choice is to have an expert web design company build a custom WordPress website and second, utilize a prebuilt WordPress theme or template.

Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress is frequently picked as a website platform because it is easy to add content. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) was initially worked to let bloggers to rapidly and effortlessly make an online journal webpage. Throughout the years, it has formed into a significantly more vigorous platform that combines a strong web development framework with an easy-to-use interface for the end users that keep up the webpage content. It’s presently the most well-known CMS on the planet. Every WordPress site starts with a theme. The theme is a package of files incorporates page formats or layouts, style rules (CSS), and custom functions. Themes can likewise be stretched out through plugins that add additional functions for instance, an ecommerce store. Themes do not include any content so they can be reused as a template for many sites.

One of the first things you’ll have to choose is if your business needs can be met by a pre-made theme with some customization or if you need a fully custom theme developed just for you. Also the first question that comes in your mind is why even use a professional web design company and why not use a pre-built WordPress theme that is economically accessible and in some cases for free.

Perhaps you want to save time? Perhaps you are trying to save money? When you decide to use a pre-built WordPress theme, your reasons are your own.

There are two major advantages to pre-made WordPress themes. The first is affordability. While some themes might be costlier than others, they normally stay below $100 to $80. T There is no custom choice accessible at those sorts of costs. So in the event that you can discover a pre-made theme that addresses the majority of your issues, you stand to save a ton of cash. For example, in the event that you are a new business who simply needs an exceptionally straightforward website, this is certainly a decent path to take. You can spare cash, yet never forget that the theme’s functions might be frustrating to you, and they might not be precisely what you need. The pleasant thing about the web is, you can utilize a theme as you are getting started and then upgrade to a customized solution after you’ve had some time to demonstrate your business concept. The second enormous advantage for pre-made WordPress themes is future development. Without a doubt, not each pre-made WordPress theme is made equal. Not by far. Yet, the best ones all come with general updates, great support and a large/active community that can help with customization, troubleshooting, etc. Nowadays, you can purchase a pre-built WordPress theme/template for as low as $30 to $100. The quantity of WordPress themes available on the web is regularly expanding and these themes accompany a huge amount of pre-built functionality. The expense incurred comes when customizing that theme so that your ecommerce website won’t look exactly the same like a charity website.

On the off chance that you need to build a website that looks the way you want it to look and delivers the exact functionality you want, you must go with a custom WordPress theme.

To begin with, first let’s go over what a custom WordPress website is. A custom WordPress website is a website that has been worked from scratch, hand coded, in view of a one of a kind pre-approved design. Building a custom theme is not for the novice, indeed some so-called WordPress developers don’t have the fundamental ability to go completely custom. This type of development requires experience with PHP, CSS, and HTML as well as familiarity with the particular function calls of WordPress. When you go custom, the sky is the farthest point on what you can accomplish. Normally a custom WordPress site uses a very basic WordPress theme that provides the basic PHP code functionality and after that whatever remains of the site is created. A custom website is built upon it based on a custom design that an expert website designer has prepared in close consultation with the client. Some WordPress theme can become bloated with functions that you don’t ever use. It’s nice to have someone who can build you a customized WordPress theme so you can concentrate on your business objectives.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you should use a custom WordPress theme, it helps to talk to a specialist who has experience building them. A specialist can likewise give the level of business consulting you need to identify your needs. Keep in mind, a custom WordPress website is built for development. Adding a different plugin or a shopping cart, add more functionality anywhere in the website, change styles can be done possibly in a flash. A pre-built theme is sometimes more restricting as to what you can do with it, which was said in a couple of parts above.

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